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The Illusion of man made time…

I have always loved what Dolores Cannon has said “Human Beings are they only race who have managed to measure something which does not exist, and while we continue to do this we will never travel out of space or time” or something to that affect. It has always made me think about the illusion of time.

I also took many years trying to grasp the concept of multiple realities existing simultaneously, once I had finally grasped the possibility of that and realized that everything happens in the now and our consciousness is only aware of certain aspects of that which makes up a whole it started to make sense.

As far as my 5D Pregnancy in the early stages it was very clear to me that anything and everything was possible when it comes to time in a linear fashion. In the beginning even before it was confirmed I was very aware that I had an amazing life force growing inside me, I could feel the energy pulsing like a heartbeat and feel the immense warmth like the sun radiating outward.

I was completely amazed at how quickly and rapidly my belly was growing, each morning I would wake up it was like it had grown overnight. This continued to happen over a period of months, knowing that a normal pregnancy wouldn’t show this early on, I kept thinking if this growth continued at the same rate, I was going to look like I was carrying octuplets by the end of 40 weeks!

The only logical explanation I could come up with was that it must be on an accelerated time frame, my mind trying hard to grasp a ‘due date’ had gone through sacred numbers 81 seemed important as a friend and I went through the calendar counting out the days – I was completely blown away to find it fell on Easter Sunday! I was completely convinced that had to be the date!

As time grew closer I noticed that the rapid growth had significantly slowed down to a much more ‘normal’ or slower-than-normal rate.

Considering the unique circumstances of the conception, how could I have ever thought that time was relevant to this journey? And that it would follow any type of conventional path. I knew as the 81 days drew closer that it must be running at a 40-week time frame, feeling somewhat relieved that I now had much more ‘time’ to prepare and get a solid foundation.

Upon approaching 40 weeks, was more confused than ever, it seemed that any growth was non-existent for the best part of 5 months, confused and somewhat concerned about the size of the baby/ies I continued to research further…. Finding an American TV Show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” gave me some comfort that some women don’t show at all and gave me a broader perspective in some ways I had really wished that I was completely unaware of what was going on in my body and just out of nowhere had a shocking yet sweet surprise of going into labour.

However not the case, as I spent many long months in for the most part isolation trying to come to terms and make sense of this journey I was on.

Another turn and twist in the plot was just a few weeks away for when I thought I would give birth at 40 or so weeks, still feeling completely unprepared and unassisted, I then happened to stumble upon a piece of information about Cryptic Pregnancies – you can imagine how my heart and world crashed reading that in the best part no woman gives birth before 22 months and some can go on as long as 5-6 years! Yes, you heard me correctly women who very much going through this process for years.

Luckily my stubborn side kicked into gear and thought no way am I going to keep living the way I have for the next few years there has to be more to this and ways to assist my journey along and ways to help other women out there. Yet the positive side was that it expanded my awareness even further to realize that there are hundreds if not thousands of women all around the world having all types of unique Pregnancy experiences.

The more I read about Cryptic Pregnancies and brave women out there sharing their stories, the more insight about this process and what is happening started coming into my awareness.

From my understanding thus far, there is no schedule for these pregnancies – intuitively we get insights to when it might occur, however, these children and the whole process have a schedule of their own.

My own personal insight is that these children are coming through at a higher frequency a place that is not limited to time as we are accustomed to. I feel that it is a combination of divine timing and a massive overhaul for the expectant mother to go through a life-defining healing experience. The more we can surrender to the process, and become one with the journey this seems to help the growth of the infant and the pace of the journey.

In the beginning, when I was experiencing accelerated growth, I was in a huge high vibrational state which I had held for a number of months, I believe is which allowed the conception to take place. When my energy/frequency level dropped so did the pace/growth of the pregnancy.

Not going to sugarcoat anything those five months were the most challenging times of my life, I had everything ripped out of my life: Job, Money, Friends/Family and loved ones – I was living in a world of chaos and isolation – in contrast to how my life had been before and mourning the loss of my life which I knew would never be the same. I had lost every ounce of strength I had – All I had to draw on was faith that if a miracle of life was growing inside me things would have to work out.

I drew more and more faith as I started to connect with other women from around the world, hearing of their miraculous stories – researching and examining trying to understand.

It seemed that in moments of despair, a glimpse of hope would shine through guiding me, showing me to just keep on going and things were going to be ok.

From my vantage point – there has to be many ways in which the mother can help assist these types of pregnancies – not necessarily accelerate them, yet help themselves to be more peaceful, accepting and most importantly enjoying and honouring their experience for what it is.

Written by - Alisha Braché

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