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Image by Jude Beck

Intuitive Guidance & Support 

Guidance & Support on Divine Partnership, New Earth Children (Born/Unborn)
To help you understand your path and guidance to move forward Soul Aligned.





Energy Alignment for Children

Having a child with special gifts and abilities is a path for your own awakening.  Often behaviors and sensitivities are misunderstood when viewed purely  from a physical perspective. Energy Alignment & Guidance and help balance their energies and give more understanding of the Soul Expression of the Child 


Energy Alignment 

Energy Alignment sessions work with clearing your Chakra's and Energy Field to help move out energy patters, conditioning and traumas to become more aligned to your higher self embodied. 





Soul Mission Activation

Energy Alignment & Soul Reading which helps support understanding yourself better on a Soul level and the Gifts and Abilities which you have brought into this life & to align with them to bring into physical embodiment.


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