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Purpose of Soul Connection & Conclusion

Every Soul Connection plays a very important role and purpose in the evolution of the individual and for the planet. The Souls working these types of connections and missions are here to rewrite the template of Love, Relationships, Families and Parenting to bring this world to a place of balance, love, trust, respect and harmony.

What is important as we go through these connections and experiences is to not get caught up on the titles, labels or identification, but to truly understand the nature of the connection, understanding their origins and the purpose that it plays in our lives and how it can contribute to the greater wider picture of the Global Ascension process. Each and everyone contributes in their own unique way and thus the flow of effect is truly to be experienced and enjoyed by all.

It’s fair to say that these Relationships and journeys are not for the faint hearted, it’s so much more than two people meeting each other and living happily ever after. They are designed to catapult you on your Awakening & Ascension pathway. To challenge your beliefs, limitations and transcend them, to remember who you are on a soul level so you can bring that essence here in the physical world, embody that and share that.

The mission is far greater than just having a happy, fulfilling relationship. They are here for a purpose to change the game in the Relationship status quo and use that experience to do something which will change society in some way. To leave and uphold a legacy so that our generations who come after us will be enriched in some way. Through the healing process we go through as a result we heal the ancestral wounds and traumas of our Ancestors and the planet.

If you are on this journey it’s not by coincidence, it’s what you have signed up to on a soul level before coming here. Because you knew that you could fulfil this mission and you were the brave hearted soul who could break the bonds of slavery and separation and transform darkness back to light and unconditional love.

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