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The Heart Activator

This is a type of person who is already on a Divine Counterpart journey and as part of their mission they will, by encounter, Heart Activate other people to kick start their Ascension pathway and potentially start their counterpart journey. This can happen in public figures, people in the spiritual community, customer service roles, musicians, actors etc.

When the heart activation is received from one of these people this can be confusing to the human mind as they can feel a sense of profound love towards that person and feel a deep soul connection and feel that the person who activated them is a Counterpart, when in actual fact it is the heart activation of pure love which is the first time which has been encountered or felt.

(This does not take away from those who have Public Figure Counterparts as that is a path for some on their divine love journeys.)

This can also happen in a non romantic way where the Activator will trigger their Ascension process or get them more aligned with Soul Mission.

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