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Archetypes of Sacred Relationships and Soul Connections

As we move through the changing of the ages on the planet, a large portion of souls will start to open up and connect with people from their past. These connections have been an imperative influence along their soul journeys through the existence of the 3rd dimensional experience and beyond. This is a key aspect to the dimensional shift, which is occurring on the planet for ourselves individually and collectively. As we become more awakened to the true nature of reality, we step into more remembrance of ourselves on a soul level. With that, we magnetize or align ourselves with soul fragmented aspects of our oversoul who have been pivotal for our soul growth on many occasions. This occurs for a number of reasons so that we can complete and dissolve Karma within our own experience, thus allowing us to graduate the 3D experience and move into the full embodiment of 5D (and higher depending on the souls place of origin). In doing this we can heal and clear the Karmic timelines from Earth history to restore the original template.

There is such a big state of confusion when it comes to Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soul Mates and Karmic Connections. There are many labels and attachments that are carried which can keep people in a state of confusion - especially when you come into contact with your first deep soul connection. The first time you experience love beyond a 3rd dimensional experience, it’s very quick for the human mind to place so much importance and emphasis on them being ‘the only one’ ‘the one you have been waiting all your life for.’

You then begin the cosmic dance and things become magical and blissful, however the triggers can begin to bubble to the surface. It can go from bliss to states of being highly triggered, which is when you truly know the Ascension path has officially begun!

You can feel as though you couldn’t possibly love another in the same way or same intensity. Then it happens again! Another person enters and it completely uproots your whole belief system of what you believed of the ‘only one’… You know we have all seen it & some of us have experienced that. Which can be incredibly confusing, makes you feel all sorts of conflict, questioning yourself and everything you’ve previously experienced “was it real?” “what happened” “what changed.”

The truth of the matter is that we have all sorts of different soul connections which all equally serve an important purpose: to contribute to our growth and evolution throughout our own Ascension process and for collective evolution. Depending on your own soul's journey throughout the history of the human race and beyond will determine how many different soul connections you will encounter in this lifetime.

As we are on the precipice of a massive transition as a human race, we begin to move from one dimension to another - in what I like to call the ‘Graduation process’. We will have the opportunity to reconnect with all at some point to heal karmic cycles which have played out and carried over into this lifetime. Graduation means coming to end all 3rd Dimensional grievances, injustices, wrongdoings to make it right again, heal, transform and transcend so that you can move into a new experience of 5th dimensional consciousness and physical embodiment.

So, when you take it in and think about it from that perspective - how many lifetimes have you lived? How many great loves have you had? How many love triangles have you participated in? How many times have you experienced unrequited love? Left a lover? Loved & lost through tragic endings. And this is just on an Earth level - when we look beyond that, we have a very different experience when we expand to a Galactic or Cosmic level! The difference is that we don’t tend to have the harsher love lesson off planet - Couples are paired more for purpose and mission. When we blend all this together, we have so many different types of connections. When we come into connection with them in this lifetime, we will experience a sense of familiarity, a knowing of them, a feeling of intense love, a feeling of hurt, or guilt. And as we go through our own internal process, a remembrance of deep memories are brought up to transcend as we move through our evolutionary process. Some of which can be very deep and moving, or horrifically painful.

This could seem overwhelming at first - however, if we are able to shift and change our perspective, we have an amazing opportunity to go through a powerful transformation with a profound opportunity to heal at such deep levels, and go through a radical transformation within ourselves.

As I mentioned above, one’s own soul’s experience and mission on the planet in this lifetime will determine how many counterparts we may encounter - some people may only have one who they will go through the entire process with, while others may come in contact with a few or all of the ones listed below:

Keep in mind this is just a summary outline of groupings of trends of what I have observed over the years through working with many people on the “Twin Flame Journey” - And it was through observing different dynamics and aspects that has brought me to these conclusions. As I write this I feel that the understanding of this concept will only continue to evolve and expand. As we reach higher levels of consciousness, we are able to access higher awareness and therefore we can see things from a higher and higher perspective.

In my opinion, not one counterpart is higher or lower in importance. Each one holds a very special and specific purpose and is an important part to the whole individually and collectively.

We move through the connections in a sequence and order of what our soul has already written to the best benefit for healing and growth. Often we have to go through the harder more challenging relationships first in order to become a more evolved version of ourselves in preparation for the next connection to come into place. A certain level of soul healing and maturity is needed to be open to exploring divine love in its purest form.

As the saying goes it is absolutely possible to love more than one person - we are beings of unconditional love at our very inner essence and core. And this can be experienced a myriad of ways and all types of love.

The core fundamental reason and purpose of Sacred Relationship coming in mass into the planet at this time is to be able to break down all the old 3D templates of Relationships - To be able to transcend codependency, toxicity, inadequacy, abuse (mental, emotional, physical) unworthiness, lack, victim consciousness-the list goes on. In the process of breaking down the old templates of these relationship dynamics, which have been experienced on Earth for thousands of years, we have the ability to bring back and restore the old or original templates of Relationships which are held within the 5D consciousness of unconditional love, interdependence, trust, respect, balance, equilibrium and equality. This is what many of us have experienced in other civilisations such as Lemuria, Egypt, Atlantis, before the fall and divide took place within each one. Each person on this journey holds the sacred codes, knowing and understanding of what is possible within a 5D relationship template. To get back to that core essence, however, can take a lot of releasing and healing of what has been experienced during the darker times on the planet.

This can also be said for those souls who have shared off planet connections, as most of these are in a higher dimension and on a higher template of love and connection. So with that in mind, we have such powerful souls on this planet doing epic work to completely change the game and nature of Relationship for all who have chosen to pave the way and show what is possible to the rest of humanity.

So, let us explore a little deeper and look at the qualities and attributes of each type of connection. The importance of this is to help you understand the origins and purpose of the connections so that you can better understand and get the best out of each connection through awareness and conscious connection.

Karmic - High Initiation Counterpart (Interference, Handlers, Reptilian, Shapeshifters)

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