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5D Pregnancy, Conception & Birth ~ Evolution & Ancient way returning.

What I refer to as a high vibrational or 5D pregnancy is a term to describe what is part of the evolution of humanity.

It’s the evolution of bringing higher vibration children onto Earth as this process is very different to what we have known in the 3D sense, from what I have witnessed has only started to come about in recent years and the further we move along this process of Ascension there are many more women starting to go through this experience, which can be very confusing, especially to the rational mind as it completely changes everything we thought we knew about conception and pregnancy within the old 3D paradigm.

After doing much research on this topic trying to better understand my own journey and what to expect along the way. What I found more insightful is what is shown to me during my energy sessions with other women going through this experience.

Quite often what I see in sessions with women going through this process in varying stages; is their Higher Self holding and nurturing a child or pregnant with their child on this higher dimension of 5D.

The Higher Self is the custodian of that child and what happens is these children are fully multidimensional so they have the capacity to bring their energy field into the mother’s physical body and go out depending on the level of frequency the mother is holding at the time. Therefore keeping this in mind, it’s quite a process rather an a 9-month gestation period.

So what occurs is as this child’s energy is much higher vibrational, its energy is in alignment with our Higher Selves, not our physical 3D self it allows an option of the Ascension pathway for some.

So for those who have chosen this type of Ascension what happens is as we go through a process energetically that has to raise and match the vibration of that child/children that are coming through. Not only does it require the physical body, energy bodies to go through this massive process of higher self and child integration into the physical. Everything in the environment has to change as well, to be able to bring and birth these children into this physical reality.

Now having said that, I don’t think that every person going through this process will experience going through and bringing forth and birth a physical child, it is whatever your soul has agreed to. The only person who would know the answer to that is your own higher truth and higher self. So please while reading this just like any material keep your own discernment on what is true for you.

In most cases, these children come through a Divine Partnership connection between two souls who share the same vibrational frequency and their personal energy signature is aligned with the higher dimensional aspect as it’s coded in their soul imprint or memory the ‘ancient way’ of birthing new life, in saying this what I mean is that they have gone through this process before either on older Earth civilisations such as Lemuria or on a different planet which is 5th Dimensional.

This could be looked at as a Twin Flame/Soul Starseed process as this process is different in these higher dimensional civilisations where the Lightbody is active and not a dense physical form as we have in 3D Earth. So from that perspective, as we are shifting through the ages as everything transforms makes perfect sense that the process of conception, pregnancy and birthing children would also evolve to match this new 5D earth that is emerging.

The process really begins before we are consciously aware and this can begin with signs, synchronicities, dreams and information which starts to filter down into our awareness. For me, this started in my childhood, having multidimensional experiences with galactic beings, out-of-body experiences, and having my energy body worked and adjusted as far back as I can remember.

So from a young age, I was very widely exposed to many topics on spiritual and cosmic connections and it was very normal for me, to be in a family and environment that was very open and supportive around these things, so I can see so many aspects were seeded into my consciousness or kept open from a young age.

As I look back over my own journey I can see how preparation was happening for most of my life. What started with reoccurring dreams for about 10 years of pregnancy and being confused about how I had conceived, at the time I only ever took it as a symbolic message rather than a literal one.

Those dreams transformed into dreaming of connecting with my counterpart and giving me messages about how and where to find him. And the quest began, I spent years travelling around the globe following the signposts that I knew would inevitably lead me to my soul counterpart not straight away, it was one massive journey that took me to many sacred sites on the planet, once again looking back I can also see how this too was part of the preparation and the bigger picture unfolding.

Each continent, each country, each city, each encounter was helping retrieve soul aspect and memory and each step would give me the next step to follow.

After we found each other again in the physical the next phase of the journey began, the cosmic dance as I like to call it. From one side of the planet to the other, back and forth, highs and lows, confusion and clarity. What I didn’t notice too much was that each time we would come into contact, afterwards I would start feeling all the normal pregnancy symptoms, this would occur for a few weeks up to a few months and then just disappear. This happened over a number of years, and in all honesty, I never gave it a great deal of thought.

My focus on my life mission would come in and out focus as many of us go through the process of trying to balance the higher dimensional aspect of our consciousness and also still live within the 3D world experience. Until the time came that I was being called to my higher purpose, this is when everything started to accelerate with such swift velocity.

A Kundalini awakening then proceeded by very constant and conscious contact with many light beings mainly my Arcturian star family. Very vivid dreams of children, my children connecting with me, my divine counterpart showing me through dream state what was about to come through our co-creation. Dreams of being pregnant, being in types of medical or hospital facilities, and so many vivid experiences in my dream state that I was bombarded nightly, I could no longer not pay attention to what was occurring.

In the height of so much occurring all at once, the conception was formalised through interdimensional process of energy merging between me and my counterpart, no intimate contact, yet it was a heightened state of bliss, as I have heard many women speak of experiencing at the exact point of conception. Yet my process is what some would call a light conception. It took me a few days to grasp what was happening yet I knew straight away that something had changed within my body.

As a side note, these things were nothing I knew about, I had no point of reference that this was at all possible only the old story through the bible which I had never read. I began to search, research, and try to understand. Only to find that these things actually do occur, have been occurring and that so many women have experienced this in so many facets, throughout the ages and many more in the current day.

I will leave all the details for a later time, yet what I will say is that it’s so much more common than anyone could ever imagine, yet it is completely not spoken about. Because of the ‘crazy factor.’ I have had countless conversations with women all over the world who have conceived interdimensionally, parthenogenetically, and galactically.

Had nine-month gestations, years of gestation, less than nine-month gestations. Women who have birthed beautiful evolved babies into the world, women who have birthed astrally (no physical child) women who have energetically birthed themselves, and women who have Hybrid children who are living on space crafts until the time and energy are right for them to integrate living on Earth.

As a brief summary you can see that from not only my personal experience, but my work and my research, absolutely nothing is deemed impossible, it’s all part of the new paradigm which is emerging before our very eyes. And it gives me no greater inspiration and excitement to see how this new earth and new world is evolving so rapidly and the amazing children who are coming through to assist this transition with us to help humanity evolve, not only through their presence but in the way that it’s also changing the lives of the women and their partners who are going through this transformation together.

This of course does not happen without challenges; I can tell you from first-hand experience that this is the most in-depth transformational experience. For many women, it’s terrifying for many reasons and can create much trauma, confusion and ridicule especially when spoken about. In my quiet moment of reflection I think that my soul was incredibly ambitious to go through Ascension this way to be in a physical separation of my beloved, the ascension process, collective clearing and purging and a pregnancy process that I didn’t fully understand not to mention the 3D challenges of basic survival need and trying to explain to my loved ones what’s going on.

I’ll be honest there were many times that I wanted to give up and completely abort the mission, and go home. Yet the life that was growing inside me was the only thing that kept me here. In the midst of despair, I pleaded with the universe to take me and if not at least explain to me why I had to go through all of this and all these experiences.

The next morning I woke up to a very clear message, it was part of my mission to go through and experience each aspect of what was possible in a 5D pregnancy so that I could see the bigger picture, connect the dots and help assist more people going through this and then when the time comes to put my information out into the world so that in the future other women wouldn’t have to experience the confusion, suffering and alienation that I encountered along the way. And from that moment things changed, I found a sense of purpose in the madness of it all.

I waited a very long time to write this as I knew that the world wasn’t quite ready, and I too wasn't quite ready. To be so open and vulnerable to share aspects of my story and also have my name connected to it. Yet I felt the call that now is the time, as so many other women seem to be embarking on a similar journey or have been for quite some time like I have to start putting out the awareness into the collective field.

I have been very diligently and quietly for the most part connected to and supporting women all over the globe going through various stages of this process and it fills my heart with joy to be able to impart the knowledge and wisdom that I have gone through and still learning every day about this process and what I believe will become the new way of bringing life through into our new world.

As always sending much love to you all and a special love and gratitude to all the mothers and partners going through this very sacred passage into building a new template for relationships and family.

Written by: Alisha Braché

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