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Starseeds & Earth Volunteers bringing through life in different ways

It is clear that we are currently living in unprecedented times of massive evolution, those who are more sensitive to Energies have been feeling this shift over the past years…

Many ancient predictions and prophecies have spoken about the coming of these changes and many writers have spoken of many beings who have incarnated during this time to help with the planetary shifting of the Ages.

In particular, I would like to explore Dolores Cannon’s work “The Three Waves of Volunteers” and The Law of One which speaks about “Wanderers” – both speaks of higher dimensional beings who have come to Earth during this time to bring about higher vibrational energies, gifts and talents to help path the way into a New Earth.

In some cases these beings have never incarnated on Earth before – they came here purely to volunteer and assist Earth. In summary of Dolores Cannon’s book – The Three Waves of Volunteers and a New Earth – ‘Dolores in her hypnosis work has discovered three waves of these volunteers. Some have come directly from the “Source” and have never lived in any type of physical body before.

Others have lived as space beings on other planets or other dimensions. Because all memory is erased upon entry to the Earth dimension, they do not remember their assignment. Thus these beautiful souls have a difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world. These souls have a vital role to play as they help all of the rest of us ascend to the New Earth.’

Many people have resonated with this information as feeling as though they are different, knowing that they are here for some important but feeling the harsh density of the world in which we live knowing that things can be different and much more loving. Many names and labels such as Starseeds, Blue Rays, Indigos, Lightworkers and the latest generation Crystal, Rainbow and Star Children.

It is prevalent that these children are coming through much more aware of their spiritual nature, they have abilities and come into this world alert and aware.

In the material of the Law of One, they speak of “on Earth today and have had in the past fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-density Wanderers. As they come into incarnation in the physical of this density for a period as a Wanderer” This speaks of beings which have incarnated on Earth at this time who come forward in a higher density ranging from fourth to sixth.

At the time when this material was written in 1981, it was estimated that there were 86 million Wander’s presently on Earth, fast forward more than 30 years and this number is estimated to have jumped up to 330 million currently incarnated on Earth at this time, as you can see that is a massive increase in higher vibrational beings incarnated during this time, who have come forth to experience this planetary shift and assist in their own unique ways.

More information about Wanders can be found:

In this article I will be referring to these beings as Volunteers to capture the initial purpose for which they came forth, they heard the call that Earth needed assistance and came forth, not truly understanding the density in which they would be placed in and also they challenges of suffering for temporary amnesia of who they really are and why they came here.

I am of the understanding that we all have pre-planned these lifetimes and we have also planned our “awake up” call to our true nature. For some it can be a near-death experience, contact with spirit, or galactic beings, or through personal trauma or crisis in the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of job etc.

These Volunteers who have come from a higher dimensional existence come to Earth which is of 3rd dimensional (3D) transitioning into 5th dimensional (5D) planet. Even though our body inhabits a third dimensional density our soul essence still vibrates at a higher level of which we came forth.

As we have seen throughout history many of our spiritual leaders have been these higher beings inhabiting a human body. When a higher level being incarnates into a lower level physical body, the soul passes through what is called “the river of oblivion” so a huge portion of their knowledge is erased so we can incarnate with a clean slate and not bombarded with memories of past incarnations.

Yes, a small portion of that memory doesn’t get erased, and we can start to have these memories coming back. As we are witnessing more and more of these beings of the past decade are coming through almost with full conscious memories.

What’s most important of which is brought forward more than memories is our innate abilities – automatic functions of how we were able to operate in higher dimensional states. This can be healing capabilities, intuitive and psychic abilities, artistic skills, mathematics and physics. We have all the capabilities as we steadily and slowly awaken these abilities become more predominate as we awaken to our true nature and why we are here.

One of these abilities would be to reproduce – conceive and give birth in different ways as known here on Earth however on different Planets and dimensions the process can differ.

This could very well be why we are starting to see all sorts of ‘unusual’ and unique pregnancies and a large increase in divine birth on Earth at this time.

As on any dimension higher than the third (3D) conception of a child is not through physical intercourse as we have always known to understand. – Life is created through an energetic link between the male and female counterparts which allows a higher dimensional being to come through at a higher dimensional level than that of their own.

This process in which beings need to have a vibrational match – to have the same energy/frequency and in most cases have searched to find each other here on Earth as they have done this process before either on other Planets/Dimensions/Life Times and have agreed to come to Earth during this time of Planetary Ascension to bring forward higher dimensional beings into physical form.

This would give an explanation as to the influx of divine conceptions, virgin births, women becoming pregnant who have been told they are unable to conceive, women becoming pregnant after having tubes tied, partners with vasectomy or simply confused by conception dates being miscalculated. I do feel that this is a phenomenon that is much more common than we realise and becoming more prevalent.

In addition, women also experience longer gestational periods of their pregnancies moving from a little too well over the usual 40 weeks, as we see more and more stories through our mainstream media we see women who have no indication that they a pregnant until they go into labor both are categorised under the label of Cryptic – Hidden or Stealth Pregnancies.

Two different types you have 1. – Women who have absolutely no idea they are pregnant, have no symptoms, have no big belly, and don’t even feel any fetal movement. Then all of a sudden go into a spontaneous labor and in most cases give birth to a perfectly healthy baby even without pre-natal care.

2- Women who are in tune with their bodies and know that they are carrying life inside them pose many pregnancy symptoms, such as feeling movement, morning sickness, and heartbeats can be detected via a Doppler, however don’t show on medical test, negative blood tests, negative ultrasounds – in some cases these babies can become visible and the pregnancy is confirmed however the baby’s gestational age is massively different the count of the Mother’s noticeable body changes and symptoms. And in some of these cases, the baby goes completely undetected by modern medicine technologies right up until the birth of the baby.

Are we witnessing many of these waves of Volunteers bringing life into Earth in ways that are more innately natural to our soul’s abilities rather than what we have known previously in a 3rd-dimensional paradigm?

Is vibration and Energy more important to the pregnancy process than a linear time frame? As in many other higher dimensional existences on other planets they do not experience time in a linear sense in which we are used to here on Earth, therefore it could give a necessary understanding to some women who are on this very confusing and long journey.

Knowing and trusting in what they feel in their bodies and not being able to have any external or medical confirmation, allows them to only rely on their bodies and intuition and walk in absolute blind faith.

Written by Alisha Braché

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