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Earth Counterpart

The Earth Counterpart I see as someone with whom you have had many Earth incarnations. Someone who you have been in a loving commitment with, time and time again. Often incarnation in specific times in Earth’s history where both of you have experienced the higher times of civilisations throughout Earth past where you would have trained in specific arts - healing modalities, alchemy, learned gifts and abilities, which contributed to society in some way.

In contrast, we have experienced some of the darker times through Earth’s past where they have both been together or separately had experiences of the darker side of humanity. Witnessing experiences or participating in the darker sides of the human experience to be able to understand polarities of the dualistic nature of 3D.

Together there may be love & loss within the connection - playing out different types of love.

This connection and bond is very intense and strong as you will, to some degree find it easy from the beginning of the connection to feel an intense sense of love and familiarity - It can be very comfortable and almost feel as though you slip back to a role of partnership with that person as though the relationship continues. To the human mind this can be incredibly confusing as you can feel ‘love at first sight.’ for someone you have only just met. Whereas on a soul level, it’s so natural, normal and comfortable.

These types of connections can bring forth karma to clear between the two parties, if there was loss, rejection, deceit, guilt etc. This will also bring forward those lessons and patterns to be resolved through the connection and thus radiate into the collective field.

On the physical level often these two can look alike, have very similar face structure, similar tones and complexions. Often find that you will have lived a very similar lifestyle, worked in similar jobs, had similar life experiences, share common interests, passions and have a very similar skill set both on a human level and of a spiritual nature.

The purpose of this connection is to share a soul path which can right the wrongs and neutralise some of the duality which has been experienced in your soul journey together. Also, to activate your gifts and abilities so that they can be accessed to their full capacity and be worked with in developing new ways, structures, healing arts, and fundamental foundation for new earth and higher consciousness living which will both enrich the lives of one another and once again contribute to society as a whole.

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