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Galactic Counterpart

This type of counterpart, by my conclusions, can be the hardest to reach physical union on planet Earth as they come from a much higher dimension in consciousness. This dynamic pairing have usually lived out lives on other planets, in other solar systems and have shared a joint mission together either one or on multiple occasions.

As they come into physical contact, the frequency exchange is so high that they unhinge each other's physical life in a 3D capacity. If there is misalignment within their human existence with what their soul mission is, this causes great chaos. Coming into contact can create massive explosions in abruptly ended jobs, businesses, relationships, friendships, and living locations. Anything which is misaligned or not in their highest alignment will or can be abruptly taken out, like the rug being pulled out from your life.

The physical connection can be completely overwhelming and they will only be able to spend short periods of time together because it will dramatically cause such a expansion in cosmic consciousness and memories of galactic connections, experiences and missions will start coming back. This is where one or both will start to have conscious contact with Galactic Beings and start interfacing with them to start a bigger larger scale mission.

This part may not be for all who encounter a Galactic Counterpart: part of the journey can be long periods or years of physical separation and dark nights of the soul. As a part of their own path in spiritual evolution.

And in some rare cases these Galactic Counterparts can still be serving their Galactic Mission as part of what some know as the SSP (Secret Space Program)

This is a process where part of their consciousness is used in a different vessel off planet to serve as Super Soldiers to fight galactic and interstellar wars. While this is happening, their human aspect will be pulled down into a ‘watered down’ version of themselves. They will be appearing only on the surface level, whilst being heavily ingrained in the 3D experience - with very short stints of their higher aspect integrated in the physical experience.

SSP are well known to recruit some of the most intelligent and highly evolved Starseeds who have incarnated on Earth from a very young age. Often they belong to Military families particularly the Navy and are identified and marked as young children and are recruited quite young. Most often none of these memories are accessed until their serving in these programs are completed, which can be from 20 - 40 years of earth incarnation. They often will have many dreams of being in battle, fighting, war and images which would resemble things from sci-fi movies.

So until these galactic missions are completed and the Earth reaches a much higher frequency, many of these connection can be hit and miss in coming together simply because the larger galactic mission is far too important, and they are needed (or should I say their consciousness is) to be cleaning up timelines and fighting for peace in the larger grand cosmic level.

On a physical level, the core aspects will be very similar, such as your essence, frequency and core values. On the exterior your personality traits and qualities may look the complete opposite. The complete opposing polarities, the yin and yang, black and white. This is the complementary counterpart where one will have the attribute that the other doesn't and vice versa so together they become a powerhouse to complete the energy field.

Often the Karma which is brought through between both of these can be great. It can consist of galactic wars, some of the most disastrous times where ET 'interference’ on planet Earth went ‘wrong’.

The Galactic Counterpart often will have gifts and abilities that they have worked with and refined, brought through from other experiences on different incarnations. High levels of energy work, building and working with different technologies, being able to receive, talk, channel or create artwork in codes and Light Languages. In essence through these practices, they will ground and embody higher level energy and consciousness on the planet.

Encountering and connecting with them enables both to remember and restore some or all of their soul memories. This starts bringing back their gifts and abilities to work with and activate a soul mission here on Earth. This will help bridging the gap with the Human race and other ET beings - As Earth moves into understanding and becoming aware of our Galactic origins to eventually become the new human.

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