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Karmic Completion - High Initiator - Counterpart

Karmic Completion - High Initiator - Counterpart Interference, Handlers, Reptilian, Shapeshifters

These types of counterparts can be what I would like to call “wolf in sheep's clothing” The initial contact and connection can be one of profound love, or lust at first sight! This is one thing which can not be seen clearly until hindsight, and this is done purposely and with good intention.

This connection will be magnetizing, massively desirable, almost intoxicating. Mostly these connections are based more on a physical nature of sexual pleasure, toxic chemistry of behaviors and patterns which will be triggered and highlighted.

The draw is so magnetic you can’t stop being drawn to engage with them. And this is there for a reason. This is because the fate of Karmic clearing must be completed through this dance for you to move onto the next phase of your Relationship pathway. It’s often that the magnetic pull and lust/love starts to wear off after about six months - intense triggers and wounding will occur. The difference between these relationships and other connections is a state of balance and harmony will never be reached. You’ll work hard to come back into the original state it once was in at the beginning and that is why you’ll overcompensate and lose yourself in one of these connections quite easily.

There are many names and labels for these, such a False Twin, Narcissistic Twin etc etc.

I prefer to call them the “High Initiator” because that is exactly what they are. They will test you to your core, take you into some very dark places to highlight your need for healing around things such as addictions, abuse, victim consciousness, lack or need for control and manipulation in the relationship. They are very conditional and test you in becoming your own sovereign being.

What I often see is, once you have claimed your own personal power through what you learned in these types of relationships, you break the patterns, and resolve the Karma. This then evolves you into a much more healed version of yourself at a higher vibrational state to now be ready to connect with a more significant counterpart.

It’s these types of relationships that has tainted the name of Twin Flame in the modern day times. As we can have multiple Karmic connections not just one. Depending on how much Karma you have accumulated and need to be resolved on the 3D level is how many connections you need to heal. The Karma between these can often been extreme betrayal, deceit, murder, cheating, love triangles etc.

On a physical level there is much emphasis placed on the physical connection, based on their material status, the lust of physical attraction and also the draw of mind blowing sex. The desire to just want to be together or otherwise ”I might die” type sensation can be very common. There is no sense of greater purpose of service to others.

These connections can teach us much about attachment vs connection.

Also there can be nefarious energies working through these connections which can, as some would perceive, keep true counterparts out of each other's lives and come into union. This can be seen as interference energies that work through another person to keep one counterpart in a state of confusion - this can be a partner or a family member. Keep in mind this isn’t the person itself who is meddling or interfering; it's the energy or attachment which is working through them.

Handlers - Are for people who have been into various SSP programs or military projects - MK Ultra, Sexslave programs. This person is assigned to them to keep them under mind control. This can be family members who have ‘sold their’ children into these programs & often then the handler will resume roles to a Wife or Partner or in this case Karmic Connection. The Handlers are also mind controlled often people who are most susceptible are people who have been sexually abused as children, or had some type of trauma which makes them more susceptible to being programmed.

Both Interference and Handlers are a physical person who has been taken over by another energy or entity - often negatively oriented Reptilian - These people can have Shapeshifting nature and be sweet in one moment and then a trigger occurs or the mind control kicks in and they can become vicious, nasty, manipulative, aggressive and in some cases what we would call pure evil. The purpose of these is to keep the individual in a lower state of consciousness and disconnected to their true divine nature.

These Karmic Connections are generally the hardest path we take in our lifetime, they are a necessary messy and ugly part of the path to be able to clear Karma which was created in past lifetimes and also heal that aspect of yourself in the process. I think anyone on a Divine Partnership journey encounters at least one of these partnerships. It's part of the path and when comes to the realisation and ending can make you feel incredibly lost and confused.

I always say once we have completed a Karmic or High Initiator relationship - that is generally once we have healed and empowered ourselves from that experience. This is when we are actually ready to experience divine love and connection in our lives.

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