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New Earth Children ~ Changing Conception ~ Pregnancy ~ Birth & Human Evolution

As part of my own journey, years of research, observation and supporting women.

Understanding the human story of Descension & Ascension how children were conceived in the past and what is now resurfacing on the planet as an Ancient way returning as we move into a New Earth Paradigm of 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Beyond!

This reshapes everything we have known in our recent history of possibilities on the conception of a child/children ~ We are now factoring in things such as light conception, interdimensional conception, parthenogenesis, hybridization of Galactic genetics. We also look into the spiritual components of Energetics of conception amounts Divine Counterparts and how the process is purely based on Energy and Frequencies to be able to birth the child into the physical world from the higher dimensional realms or from other Star Nations.

We will be exploring how this happens in depth, the different component and how this changes pre natal care, birthing and also conscious parenting.

To start off with here are the links to some older Articles which I have written years ago which are on my other website :

Lemuria ~ Twin Souls ~ Interdimensional Conception ~ New Earth Children

5D Pregnancy, Conception & Birth ~ Evolution & Ancient way returning

Playing a part in the Ascension process


Earth’s New Children & Changing DNA

The Illusion of man made time…

Starseeds & Earth Volunteers bringing through life in different ways

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