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Playing a part in the Ascension process

As we steadily move forward on the path of Ascension and closer toward the Golden Age, there is simply no doubt that all these beautiful beings of light that are coming through are assisting our beloved Gaia and all the beings around them to heal and evolve and playing their own part in the ascension process.

I couldn’t possibly have any idea of just how many women are going through this transformational process of evolutionary pregnancy however an image that I keep seeing is that there are many in the thousands perhaps even more.

All strategically places around the world which is helping bring much more light into Earth from the cosmos, through this process it is pushing everyone around them on all sorts of levels to grow, expand and evolve.

Let’s start off by looking at what is happening with the carrier – the mother who is allowing her body as a vessel to carry huge amounts of energy in the form of beautiful light beings.

These children have been assigned to us before we incarnated into our Earthly life, their souls are around us close within our Energy Fields (Aura) for many years – in some cases can enter into the womb for short periods of time, helping align and adjust our energy bodies to their frequency as it is much higher than our own it’s a process which cannot be rushed and needs a great deal of alignment. Throughout this time it’s not uncommon for the mother to have vivid dreams of them from time to time, this spiritual process can also happen in an awakened state through universal signs and synchronicities and they can present during spiritual practice or meditation practice.

Once the right time has been presented for them to fully incorporate into the mother’s womb the process of light conception takes place, this can differ from one woman to another. These conceptions are not as we are accustomed to knowing in a physical sense.

This process is without physical contact of the male and female reproductive systems, it happens on a higher dimensional level. Where the two beings allow their energy centres (Chakras) to align with one another and become fully merged into one. This is also similar to Tantric practice which has been taught and practiced throughout history. The word Tantra means “to expand consciousness through merging sexuality and spirituality.”

In the words of Thoth who was conceived through interdimensional conception and as a result, became immortal and lived on Earth for thousands of years – “You may find that having a baby can be a doorway into immortality. If you really do love someone and that person really loves you—if the love between you is true love—then you may have another option available, in terms of ascension through sacred marriage and interdimensional conception. Through your union, you re-create the living holy trinity on Earth.” Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 2 – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Many other ancient texts and scriptures speak about creating life this way and as it is the path to Ascension for many on Earth right now who have chosen that path. They know and understand from a Soul level what is possible and this is their way of assisting humanity through this Ascension process.

In this process of aligning our energies with another divine counterpart (Twin Flame) who embodies the same frequency as one another – this allows them to bring forth a higher dimensional being/s to incarnate on Earth. This has happened throughout the ages from Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and other spiritual leaders throughout history.

Simply being able to come forth through this process allows them to retain their spiritual knowledge and awareness of their own divinity and abilities, which assist humanity to remember they too have all the spiritual knowledge and can equally tap into their own divinity and abilities. What we are seeing now is a massive influx of souls incarnating on Earth at this time who come forth fully awake and understand who they are and why they are here.

The population on Earth is at its peak we have more souls here now than ever before whether we remember it or not we have all come here during this time to experience this mass awakening in consciousness and bring for the golden age.

This process is also being assisted and guided through our spirit guides and star families who are on the other side of the veil – helping navigate this process and helping us wake up and remember why we are here, and what we already volunteered to do.

This process of Evolutionary Pregnancy allows us to transcend Earthly Fear transmutes all negative ancestral DNA through our cellular bodies and allows us to awaken further to our divine nature and get on our path with our mission to assist our new generation – who are here to be the new world leaders.

Most women are pushed to grow and evolve far beyond anything they thought possible, it’s awakening us to defy the normal human laws of what we have once known and see ourselves in our true multidimensional state. Showing us that we have all done this divine act of creation many times before not just here on Earth but on other planets too.

This is tapping into the older more ancient ways of bringing in life, yet this time around going through massive physical and earthly challenges of transmuting dense collective energy at this time of the planetary shift. Being part of a divine plan in a team of many women who are here on Earth who are not just carrying these higher beings in their wombs but also assisting in anchoring higher frequencies of light into the planet helping Gaia (Mother Earth) shift into a higher dimension and holding it in place.

Once the work has been done and the higher frequencies are held into place it will enable a lighter environment for the beautiful beings to come forth into this world.

This process of bringing a higher dimensional being/s to birthing the child is not something that can’t be measured in an Earthly timeframe, as we have known it in the past. As we move forward more and more into a timeless state of being.

It’s completely about aligning frequencies not only for the child/en but preparing the mother/father/family and their living environment.

It’s a humbling experience and a massive process of letting go of everything that is out of alignment with the child and the new world in which we are co-creating together. It’s an emotional and mental rollercoaster from experiencing pure bliss and unconditional love at the point of conception right through to the darkest ‘dark night of the soul’ and every emotion in between.

I have always known in my heart that there is so much joy and blissful times ahead and how important this role is for assisting humanity in taking one gigantic leap forward.

Written by Alisha Braché

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