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Soul Mates - Platonic & Romantic - Soul Family

Soul Mates are the most loving supportive types of soul connections that we encounter in this lifetime. With Soul Mates, we have many of all different types and dynamics.

These souls are part of our Soul Group or Soul Pod with whom we have had other lifetimes with. This can be a combination of on Earth or on other Planets.

As we encounter these connections we will feel an immediate sense of remembrance, they will look, feel or seem familiar to us in some way as though we have met them before. There will be a recognition when you look them in the eye. Which sparks the deep recognition or remembrance. That feeling of “where do I know you from?” “Have we met before?” and of course you have, just not in this lifetime.

Soulmates can be in forms of bestfriends, parents, siblings, animals, co-workers and of course romantic relationships. Not all soul mates are meant to be of a romantic connection and this can be confusing as when you feel that deep soul recognition, love, connection and the ability to be seen and loved in a non-judgemental way. This is when it comes in a form of the opposite sex (for a hetero person) this can cause and an attraction to the human mind. Not all Soul Mate connections are meant to be romantic. However if they are, they can make the foundations for the great loving, stable home environment to raise children and make a happy life together.

The other aspect of Soul Mate relationships as part of the greater wider planetary shift is for these people to connect and find one another - to bring back aspects of remembrance, to work together, support each other in collaboration and soul mission work together.

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